Enhancing Asset Security: Discover eTrack Zimbabwe’s Innovative Geofencing Technology

The video clip provided below is an extract from eTrack Zimbabwe’s presentation on the topic: “Security Services Available To Protect Movable Assets” This presentation was given by Mr. Tatenda Chirongo at the Collateral Registry Workshop, which was hosted by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in Chinhoyi on the 28th of November 2023. The clip focuses on Geofence technology.

What is a Geofence

A Geofence is a GPS tracking concept which allows users to create virtual boundaries on a map to represent real-world locations. These boundaries act as digital fences, alerting users when their vehicles enter or exit the specified areas. Geofence technology offers enhanced security and control, enabling users to monitor their assets with precision.

Unique Auto Shutdown Feature

One standout feature of eTrack Zimbabwe’s geofencing technology, as highlighted by Mr. Chirongo during his presentation, is the ability to automatically shut down a vehicle when it exits a geofenced area. This innovative capability sets eTrack Zimbabwe’s offering apart from others in the industry.

Mr. Chirongo shared an amusing example to illustrate this feature: a tractor operating within a geofenced farm. If the tractor ventures beyond the farm’s boundaries (exits the farm), it will automatically shut off, rendering it immobile. To restart the tractor, the occupants or operators must either contact the owner for authorization (remote activation) or physically return (push or tow) the tractor back into the geofenced farm. Mr. Chirongo humorously cautioned the audience that this feature might inadvertently raise suspicions of using “black magic” on their assets, when in reality, it is simply a testament to eTrack Zimbabwe’s technological ingenuity.

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