In a recent workshop hosted by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in Chinhoyi, eTrack Zimbabwe showcased the latest innovation in vehicle tracking technology: the remote engine shutdown feature. This cutting-edge capability allows car owners to immobilize their tracked vehicles remotely using a smart device or phone, offering enhanced security and asset protection.

Securing Movable Assets with eTrack Zimbabwe’s Advanced Technology

At the collateral registry workshop, eTrack Zimbabwe highlighted the significance of protecting movable assets like cars through advanced tracking solutions. By leveraging the remote engine shutdown feature, vehicle owners can proactively safeguard their assets against theft and unauthorized use.

How Remote Engine Shutdown Empowers Car Owners with Control and Security

eTrack Zimbabwe’s commitment to innovation and security is evident in the implementation of this powerful feature. With the ability to remotely immobilize a tracked vehicle, car owners gain unprecedented control over their assets, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced security measures. This feature becomes handy in situations such as vehicle theft or unauthorized possession.

Enhance Your Vehicle Security with eTrack Zimbabwe

For car owners in Zimbabwe seeking reliable and advanced vehicle tracking solutions, eTrack Zimbabwe offers state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. With a focus on security and efficiency, eTrack Zimbabwe is at the forefront of the industry, providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of customers.

Stay Protected with eTrack Zimbabwe’s Remote Engine Shutdown Feature

With vehicle theft cases on the rise in Zimbabwe, you need to ensure that your car is protected by the best!. Experience the future of vehicle security with eTrack Zimbabwe’s remote engine shutdown feature. By incorporating this innovative technology into your tracking system, you can effectively protect your movable assets and enjoy greater peace of mind.

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Mr. Chirongo from eTrack Zimbabwe presenting on the concept of remote engine shutdown at the RBZ collateral registry workshop in Chinhoyi.